Core Values

Accountability: Being responsible to someone or for something, this is what brings it all together. Things aren’t accomplished unless people are held accountable for their actions and ultimately their results. Every person in this company has a role in accountability, just as Sunshine Air Conditioning holds itself accountable to its customers with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Integrity: The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. Sunshine Air Conditioning will always conduct our business professionally with the highest moral standards.

Innovation: Leading our industry in the most up to date services and products available. We provide training for our team members, so they can provide our customers with the best and most knowledgeable service possible.

Transparency: We believe that building relationships is the foundation to greatness. It is important to us to be transparent through openness and accountability. You will be well educated on the scope of your project, with up front and honest pricing to quality and efficient service. 100% satisfaction is our goal, if you are not satisfied neither are we.

Loyalty: We are loyal to our team members as well as our customers. We are passionate about providing a healthy work environment where our team members feel valued and appreciated, we recognize and celebrate achievements and provide opportunities for self growth. We are committed to being loyal and dependable to our customers by providing consistency in work performed and satisfaction achieved. We are not only a team, but also a second family. Be quick to congratulate one another and slow to condemn. Always ask what we can do to help out our teammates.